Introducing Advanced Materials, Intelligent Software, and 3D Printing Technology to make High Performance & Ultra-Strong Polymer Parts™. We tailor materials to optimize mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties of printed objects. Our new Advanced, Carbon Fiber reinforced polymers make parts stronger, lighter, and more durable. Our Intelligent cloud-based software tunes mechanical properties of 3D printed objects. This results in production parts with unique characteristics that cannot be made using any conventional manufacturing techniques.


Ultra Strong Polymer Materials
  • Unique polymer formulations optimized for additive manufacturing
  • Reinforced with carbon fiber

3D Model Design & Analysis Software
  • Deterministic fiber orientation
  • Predictable mechanical properties

Reinforced Filament Fusion (RFF) Technology
  • Extrusion head design and firmware optimized for reinforced materials


RFF Optimized High Performance materials are available in Ultra Strong Carbon Fiber Reinforced, ESD Carbon nanotube and Unfilled grades.


High Temp, Chemical Resistive

Radel (PPSU)

Impact & Chemical Resistive

Ultem (PEI)

High Strength, Stiffness

Primospire (SRP)

Strongest, Stiffest Polymer

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